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Coping With Stress: 7 Tips to keep stress away

  • Keep active - Exercise is a good stress buster and can relieve the physical tension. 

  • Avoid falling into unhealthy habits - Kick the nicotine and excessive alcohol. 

  • Healthy eating - This doesn't mean living on lettuce, but having a balanced diet has been shown to improve mood and well-being

  • Get enough sleep - Is there anything you can do to amend your environment and routine to promote restful sleep?

  • Be in the present - Put the phone down and take a look at your surroundings

  • Have some me time - Do something small for yourself each day without feeling guilty

  • Be kind to yourself -  We all have that negative voice sometimes, but balancing that with compassion and kindness can help. Allow yourself to rest if you are ill, don't beat yourself up over mistakes

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